SOL Sailing School Introduction


This was spawned off the ‘sailors with routers’ debate, I will try to create a comprehensive guide of what goes into a successful SOL race.
I will start with a review of fundamental routing strategies. Explaining VMC and it’s applications is going to be the meat of this guide.

I will be light on software, most of this is viable for SOTP. Also not much on weather, that would be javakeda’s domain…

Here’s a tentative plan, this will become an index page one day:

‘Blind’ strategies, that don’t use a forecast
WX strategies based on a forecast
Example: Cape Town – Abu Dabi
(More examples to follow)
How to use isochrones
How to not hit islands – sorry Vestas :(

VMC and shifts
Limitations of VMC in space
How to rank boats and why I hate the leaderboard
Cyclones and VMC, a thought experiment
Fleet tactics

Some misc stuff:
SOL gribs, polars, Rh vs GC, TWA vs COG, roundings, luck…

Alright, let’s get this show on the road!

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