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Thoughts on how to not hit islands


Hitting islands is an easy and entirely too common way to ruin your race. The best SOLers do it once in a while. And of course there was the much talked about Vestas grounding. So how do we avoid this?

First off, no, Team Vestas were not taking any ‘risks’. To hit a fairly wide reef right in the middle, they had to be blissfully unaware of the obstacle.

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Blind Strategies

dingo_rhumbBy ‘blind’ I mean that we’re not looking at the actual forecast, these are basic strategies that do have value in the right situation.

1. The rhumbline
The shortest distance between two points is a line. Point at your waypoint, go max VMG if needed.Pros: you get to your destination eventually.

It’s the shortest route, sort of.
Sometimes the fastest route, if only by accident.

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