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A Bee Line to the Finish!

The Vineyard Finish #1 – “Shortest” route in yellow, WINSTON and javakeda routes in red.

When WINSTON rounded The Cows and headed for the finish line at the end of The Vineyard race I smiled.

WINSTON was headed for the line at an angle.
I was going to do the same thing.
Instead of taking the shortest route to the finish, we were taking the quickest route.

It’s all about VMC

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Plum Gut

Plum Gut
Looking past Orient Point Light, across Plum Gut.  Plum Island Light is in the background. — photo by SOL skipper Jlink58

At the north-east end of Long Island Sound a string of small islands extends from Point Orient on Long Island, past Race Point on Fishers Island, to Watch Hill Point above Little Narragansett Bay on the Rhode Island shore. Any skipper exiting LI Sound must decide how to pass through these islands. Often, the choice is to go through Plum Gut.

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The Vineyard 2014 — Pre-Race

Pre-Race update:

With less than 24 hours to go, the wind at the start is forecast to be out of the NE and under 5kts. Total time for the race looks to be about a day and a half.
StartAtTheCows_titledThe wind is forecast to clock 90° in the first six hours, giving racers a port tack start, and then a long reach up Long Island Sound on starboard.
Slipping through Plum Gut, the starboard tack continues until the clocking wind forces a tack toward the sea. By that time, TWS is just over 6kts.

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