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SOL Memoralia

A long time ago sailonline had an online shop, selling things like mugs and t-shirts with a sailonline logo. Now, after long time, it is possible to get the real gear and mandatory items for the  armchairsailor via an online shop again! Even better, there are two shops available, depending on where you are in the world, one might have better shipment costs than the other, but be sure to check out both, some items may only be available in one shop! Continue reading SOL Memoralia

Sailonline World Race – Leg 2

WOW! this was one of the best sailing I ever done in SOL.

And this thanks to the challenging and changing wx along the route and to all the person that enter in this crazy long leg with a boat.
And of course to the hard fight with Lolla, to nominate the biggest opponent.
Lolla sailed a superb legs, applying the sailing strategic manual to the letter, and giving me only one risky chance that turned well at the end.
So as I pick up him as my reference opponent I will mention him more than others.

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