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DC Checker, Editor, Grib Loader and more. Now with BBQ Rescue.

The next installment has arrived! A series of significant enhancements including a graphical DC checker.

Major features now include

1. Automatic downloading of the grib file when it becomes available.
2. DC editor to manage DC series.
3. Graphical DC checker to check DC series against the map tiles, allowing for performance loss.
4. Position data written to a csv file, to one second of accuracy.
5. Logging of boat data to a csv file for later analysis.
6. Automatic creation of the Qt and Expedition detailed polar file for the race.
7. Mayday calls and rescue commands via chat in the event of a BBQ.
8. Generates a Version 1 grib file .
9. Generate a gpx file contain course waypoints and route including the finish line.
10. NMEA server to provide positional and other important data to routing software. Includes AIS class A messages for SOL boats.
11. Sounds a boat horn when you run aground, and are racing.
12. Boat data log as a backup for Hmm SOL log.

The User Manual [1] can be referred to for instructions on how to install, configure and use.

Download AG_2_5_7p2.zip [2] for the application.