Automatic Grib Downloader and DC Editor

Ever sat there waiting for the grib to arrive? Want the grib on your computer ready to use? I’ve written a Java utility that will monitor the SOL server and automatically download the grib file for you when it arrives. It’s been enhanced to include a DC editor and now has a graphical interface.

The following steps are what you need to do

1. Download autoGribLoad_1_5.
2. Unzip it in the folder to where you want the gribs downloaded for the current race.
3. Run autoGribLoad_1_3.jar and fill out the parameters accordingly.
4. On clicking OK, it will download the current grib file for the race, and when done, sit and wait until the next one arrives. It will also get any DC’s that are set and display them in the DC window.
5. To stop, simply kill the window. Restarting will check if the latest file already exists, and if so, it won’t re-download.

The program uses autoGribLoad.ini as the default ini file name. A different file can be used by providing that file name as a command line argument. e.g.
java -jar autoGribLoad.jar race_922.ini

That way you can have different .ini files for different races, all running at the same time. You can copy and edit the .ini or update the parameters when running.

Obviously, your computer must be left running for this to work.

The DC editor works the same way as Brainaid, and are in the same format. One enhancement, any stale DC’s are ignored. You clock must be synchronised with

I use with the following settings. Works a treat.



5 thoughts on “Automatic Grib Downloader and DC Editor”

  1. I have updated to fix an issue with the file separator under Linux and and potentially iOS. Will work with Windows. Re-download the zip file and replace the .jar with this one.

  2. Updated to Version 1.1 with a fix for the timing issues in downloading from the server. Added a parameter serverWaitTime to the ini file which is set to 120 seconds by default (serverWaitTime=120). When it detects a new grib file, it will wait that time before attempting to download to allow the servers to catch up.

  3. Updated to Version 1.4. Minor issue with DC window not being cleared on Refresh if all DCs had already been executed.

  4. New version 1.5 available with a few enhancements.
    1. Fixed issue where new download time was calculated a 6 hours later than current download. If grib was over 35 minutes late, all subsequent downloads would also be late.
    2. Can be used as a DC editor without downloading the grib. Radio button added to control this.
    3. Added right click menu for copy, cut, paste, etc.
    4. Window title updates with boat and race info on OK being pressed.

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