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40′ Series — First Look

The concept is great!
There are six races and three boats, each of which have to be sailed twice.
We have to choose which boat to sail when.
OMG, I love it!
So … Here is some data:

I routed all three boats using the polars you would get from Kipper’s DC_Checker software.
I started each ‘multiple’ routing at 23JAN0800Z, and continued for 5 routes at 1hr intervals.
What that gave me was this Expedition summary of results:

22JAN2230ZThreeBoatRoutingsGPS025 [1]
Three boat routing comparison

So … based on that data, the Ker_40 is a clear choice.
But is it?
We have to use the other two boats as much as the Ker_40.
So is THIS the time to sail the Ker_40?
Or should we hold this speedy boat in reserve?

To analyze this fully, we need to look at the other courses, and at the weather we might expect along those courses at the time of year when those races are run.

Kudos to the race committee for coming up with this wonderfully complex racing series.
Ultimately, the analysis is weather based.
But it also incorporates game-theory aspects that are truly exciting to me.

That said, I encourage the race committee to level the playing field by making available to SOL skippers:

Limiting access to (paid) SOL skippers will act as an incentive to join SOL.
Making these data available to SOL skippers will make racing more interesting to skilled routers.
I mean, you thought you had this figured out?
Well, guess what, there is a whole lot of figuring left to do.

That’s a challenge to me.
I’m sure it will be a challenge to most of the SOL routing skippers.