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Welcome to solfans!

We have been preparing for this for a while now, and we’re finally ready to share stories and knowledge from and for the sailonline [1] community

For SOLers

We set this site up because we noticed that some SOLers have stories to tell that fit best on a blog rather than in a forum or chat. That are the stories that we want to share. We will feature topics like

The exact content depends on what the contributors want to write.

By SOLers

Some people have set up their own blogging space in the past. Others have said they thought about starting a blog, but never made it happen – too complicated, not enough to talk about, hardly worth the effort.

If you ever felt like that, come join the crew [2] here at solfans. We handle the technical details. You can focus on telling your story. And you will be in good company. Having the stories all in one place makes it more interesting for contributors and readers alike.

Be sure to bookmark this site. Check the site from time to time so you don’t miss out on cool tips and tricks. We are growing fast.

The captains,
kroppyer and javakeda